Rotary Club Okanogan/Omak

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2011 Rotoplast Support

Local Quilters help Okanogan/Omak Rotary donate quilts for Rotoplast.
Local quilters from the Okanogan/Omak area helped the Okanogan/Omak Rotary Club send 9 youth quilts with the 2011 Rotoplast team. The quilters donated materials they already had to make the quilts and the Rotary Club paid any new material items they needed in order to finish the quilts. Nine quilts were sent. Also stuffed animals were collected for the Rotoplast trip. Those quilters donating their time and materials were Janice Carlton, Melanie Bivens, Kiara Melanie's granddaughter, Debi Clark, Kathy Logue, Kathy Stafford, Barb Kreeger and Janyth Arvidson.